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Effori Sport Law clients succeeded before FIBA regarding sporting succession

Landmark decision from FIBA on sporting succession

Effori Sports Law succeed in a case before FIBA regarding sporting Succession in Basketball and the enforcement of a BAT Award.

Four American basketball players had a positive outcome before the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) against Ionikos Nikaias BC (A.O. Ionises 1965 KAE) in 2021. Nevertheless, the Club did not respect the BAT award and, when the players enforced it, it was stated that such Club was not affiliated to the Hellenic Basketball Federation anymore.

Interestingly, a nearly promoted club, named Diagrams Dryopideon KAE changed its name to Ionises Basket KAE for the season 2021/2022, with many similarities to the old Ionises, Respondent in the proceedings before the BAT.

You can find the full FIBA decision here:

20210330 decision extension Ionikos
Download PDF • 2.98MB

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