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Nilo Effori to be an arbitrator at the inaugural IFAM competition

Nilo Effori was invited to be an arbitrator at the inaugural IFAM competition. He will also be speaking in the IFAM Conference on the topic of the Football Transfer System.

The IFAM aims to bridge the existing gap and provide an inexpensive and accessible opportunity for students to come together, engage in the world of Football Law and practice their legal skills in a competitive environment – a moot. Unlike other moots, the IFAM goes beyond a normal moot court; we replicate the reality of a football arbitration in its entirety, including the drafting of written submissions and in-person hearings before Panels of actual CAS arbitrators and world-leading sports lawyers.

The IFAM provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talent and develop their professional skills in a truly unique setting. But that’s not all! The IFAM is a venue for much more. We aim to foster a community of football lawyers by creating an agora of football law for the next generation. Ultimately, the mission of the IFAM is to be the event where young lawyers can combine their passion for football and law.

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